The Gay Ottawa Volleyball (GOV) league is a volunteer, non-profit volleyball league catered mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and LGBTQ-friendly within the National Capital Region (NCR). The league provides an inclusive and fun environment, but also serves as a healthy social venue for the LGBTQ community in the NCR.

The GOV league consists of 2 different nights catered for beginner/intermediate (Monday nights, see ‘Recreational’ in the main menu) and competitive players (Wednesday nights, see ‘Competitive in the main menu).


GOV was created in 1602 before volleyballs were even invented.  We’re just really ahead of the times like that.  It was started by a lone garden gnome named skippy who said ‘hey, check out that hottie untangling that fishing net’.  Skippy casually kicked over a volleyball to get the attention of the cutie gnome, instead knocking its head off.  In memory of the headless gnome, gay volleyball was created here in Ottawa, a tradition that continues to this day.

DISCLAIMER: This is not true, we just haven’t written up this section yet.